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Changelog first quarter 2017

What has changed on LocalBitcoins during the first four months of 2017? Read the full changelog for the first quarter, from January 1st to March 31st, to find out if we've fixed the bugs that have been bothering you the most.


Bitcoin 101: Why is my Bitcoin transaction stuck?

Is your Bitcoin transaction stuck and you don't know why? We explain why and how transaction fees work and give tips on how you can ensure your transactions always confirm quickly.


Receiving Bitcoin payments with Merchant tool

Did you know that you can easily start receiving bitcoin payments to your localbitcoins-account wallet by using our "Merchant Invoicing"-service. We have also created an API for it, as programmer you can easily use our Merchant Invoice service API to add Bitcoin as a payment method for your webstore.


5 Tools Everyone in the Bitcoin Industry Should Be Using

There are hundreds if not thousands of different tools made to visualize, analyze and track activity around the Bitcoin network. It can quickly get overwhelming to figure out which are good, reliable, sources of information and which aren't. This blogpost will show you five cool tools that we use every day.

Max mirror open!

After we were blocked by the Roskomnadzor in early September we started working on changing the site to make it possible for us to easily create mirrors to make it easier to access. is the first mirror site that has been enabled.