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"Зеркало" сайта уже активно!

После того как мы были заблокированы Роскомнадзором в начале сентября, наша команда начала работать над тем, чтобы сделать пользование нашим сайтом, возможным для Вас. Итак является первым зеркалом нашего сайта. “Зеркало" работает уже несколько недель, никаких проблем в процессе не возникало, и оно полностью готово к использованию.

Как зайти на из России

Недавно Роскомнадзором было принято решение заблокировать LocalBitcoins в России. Для нас, так же как и для Вас, подобное решение было крайне неожиданным. Инструкции, приведенные ниже, помогут Вам продолжать пользоваться нашим ресурсом, не смотря на блокировку LocalBitcoins.


It is still about Bitcoin, not about "blockchain"

Earlier this week I stumbled upon a blog post, where Finnish self-credited "blockchain expert" made a claim that during the last year, term blockchain has passed bitcoin in google trends "clearly". I did not pay attention to this detail, until my co-worker pointed out the mistake. I was surprised to find out that if you use google trends yourself, you can see totally different story.

Nikolaus Kangas

#BitcoinForBritain – Trading fees in the UK halved until 2nd October

Over the years the UK has been an important market for LocalBitcoins, especially back in 2012 when we were founded. The UK helped solidify the future of LocalBitcoins by being the first market to see growth in P2P trading which gave us enough money to hire our first employee. This year we've had to watch as our friends in the UK suffer through hard times after the results of the Brexit vote on June 23rd. Since then we've seen value of the pound gradually drop in value by 16%. We remember the support you gave us in our early days, now it's time for us to give back and help you get out of the pound before it's too late.


Introducing a new default pricing equation

At the time of the Bitfinex hack last Tuesday the default price equation in use for LocalBitcoins advertisements was taking pricing data from Bitfinex. When trading was stopped on Bitfinex, advertisements using the default price equation on LocalBitcoins stopped working. We have since disabled all advertisements that use Bitfinex in the price equation to make sure there are no advertisements active with the wrong price.