Fees on Localbitcoins.com and Bitcoin in general

Buying and selling on LocalBitcoins.com without advertisements

  • No fees: you will always receive the specified amount in your request to your wallet
  • Note however that wallet fees apply for you. We try to keep these very low. See more info below.

Buying and selling on LocalBitcoins.com as an advertiser

  • 1% fee from the purchase amount, paid only with released escrows.

LocalBitcoins.com wallet and bitcoin transfers

Transfer fee is usually 0.0001-0.0004 BTC per outgoing transfer, but sometimes it can be a more or less because of the non-deterministic nature of generated bitcoin transactions.

Note if you don't leave enough bitcoins for the fee in your wallet, the transfer can be in pending status for longer.

Other fees

Optional SMS notifications: 0.00015 BTC/piece.

Custom work, such as research of possible external problems: 200 eur/hour, paid with Bitcoin by the current rate. Minimum billable amount 100 eur.

Happy trading!