Careers at LocalBitcoins allows people to exchange local currencies to Bitcoin and back effortlessly everywhere in the world. Our service is one of the foundation pillars of the Bitcoin economy. was founded in 2012 and is nowadays getting more than 3000 new registrations each day.

As a pioneer in the borderless new era economy, our customers come from every imaginable country and culture. Our mission is to enable frictionless access to Bitcoin and global trade for everyone in the world.

Currently we employ more than 50 professionals. Some work in Helsinki, Finland and others work around the world. Depending on the work we are seeking either on-site employees or remote freelancers. International background and language skills are useful in our work.

While we are in a growing and hectic industry, we try to maintain healthy work-life balance. Our company has been profitable since january 2013, and our future looks stable. We are in this long-term, and believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is here to stay and will be used by masses in the future.

As we are a young company, our positions are more directional than specific. Flexibility, ability to step out from your comfort zone, and open-mindedness is a good attitude for this job. Interest in Bitcoin is considered positive.