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Tier verification deadline extended to 1st of October

by J

The verification forms for all account Tiers have now been enabled. In order to ensure that every user will have able time to update their account’s status, LocalBitcoins has extended the deadline to provide Tier verification. Existing users will have until the 1st of October to upgrade their verification according to their account’s respective Tiers.

After the 1st of October, accounts that exceed their Tier transaction and trade volume limits and have not yet provided verification for the following Tier will be suspended from trading until the compatible verification is completed. Trade volume and incoming transaction volumes are calculated separately, i.e. your account moves into the next Tier when either your transaction or your trade volume (not their sum) reaches the current Tier limit. Volume data correspond to the last 12 months and it is updated hourly.

As a general rule, the documents accepted for verification must be valid internationally (ex. international passport and international driving license) and you can consult the list of accepted documents per country to see all valid options for your location. Verification with national documents emitted by Russian and Chinese authorities will start being processed at the end of August. Documents submitted as proof of address can be provided in several languages, but it is recommended to use a correspondence in Latin characters with your full address and your name written as in your LocalBitcoins account.