LocalBitcoins.com IRC community chat

This chat window connects you to #localbitcoins-chat channel on irc.freenode.net IRC chat network.

Please note that this is a public community chat where you can chat with other LocalBitcoins.com users and staff. For support questions addressed to LocalBitcoins.com team use support form.

After entering your chat nickname and pressing Connect it usually takes one minute to connect to the chat session.

Chat rules

  • Don't ask if you can ask a question — just ask it. We know why you are here.
  • Do tell us what you're trying to achieve, what you're doing, and what's not working.
  • Don't send private messages to people unless they have asked you to — it's considered rude in the same way as telemarketing calls are.
  • For fraud cases contact us directly with support form.

IRC desktop and mobile clients

To have a more permanent chat session, you can should connect to chat with an IRC client. We recommend this as it's much nicer for long-term use than doing it via a web browser. Here are some recommendations: