Sell bitcoins online in Spain with Cash deposit

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Buyer Payment method Price / BTC Limits
Top-BTC (20 000+; 99%) Cash deposit: Todos Bancos 47,765.00 EUR 200 - 4,999 EUR Sell
ALPHABETHACOINS (100+; 99%) Cash deposit: *****BBVA OTROS EFECTIVO LEER***** 47,687.73 EUR 400 - 29,000 EUR Sell
ALPHABETHACOINS (100+; 99%) Cash deposit: BBVA EFECTIVO MANO A MANO Y CAJERO 47,687.73 EUR 400 - 20,000 EUR Sell
gomesdm (3000+; 100%) Cash deposit: Ingresso en todos bancos 46,242.65 EUR 1,000 - 69,299 EUR Sell
PADIcoins (30+; 100%) Cash deposit: IN PERSON 44,315.87 EUR 100 - 600 EUR Sell