LocalBitcoins ATM #49

Heinlammintie 27, 15210 Lahti, Finland

SELL OR BUY bitcoins for/with cash at Ravintola Meininki, Lahti. 

Avoinna: ma-to 14-24, pe-la 11-02 ja su klo 11-24.
Open:   mon-thu 14-24, fri-sat 11-02 and sun 11-24.

Developed in cooperation with LocalBitcoins, our 
two-way ATMs are easy to use. Transactions to and from your 
personal wallet are swift and secure.

ATM#49 (www.lbtc.in/49) dispenses 200 EUR notes while 
accepting any notes between 10 and 200 EUR. 

Follow us on Twitter/Facebook as "CoinerFi" to be informed of 
ATM service and top up. If the ATM has "sold out" all 
dispensable EUR notes, our other ATMs might still have some. 
 - http://www.bitcoinatm.fi - info@coiner.fi -

 You need a LocalBitcoins account to buy or sell bitcoins on this ATM.

Buy bitcoins

Buy at 7,957.53 EUR / BTC

Redeem bitcoins

Scan the QR code from a receipt with your mobile phone or enter the code below.

Sell bitcoins

Sell at 6,820.74 EUR / BTC


  1. Go to the ATM machine.
  2. Press # button and insert cash.
  3. When you are done inserting notes press * button and the ATM will print a receipt with QR and numeric code. Remove the receipt carefully and double check that both codes are displayed clearly.
  4. If the receipt was printed clearly press *. In case of blurry printout or no printout press # and the numeric code will be displayed on the screen. Write down the code or take a picture of it. NEVER LET ANYONE ELSE TO SEE THE RECEIPT OR CODES! PRESS # TO CLEAR THE SCREEN.
  5. Receive purchased Bitcoins by reading the QR-code by phone, tablet or computer. You can also manually input the numeric code at www.lbtc.in.
  6. Purchased Bitcoins will be transferred to your personal LocalBitcoins wallet. LocalBitcoins creates automatically a new wallet for each new user. You can transfer Bitcoins to other wallets from LocalBitcoins wallet.
  1. Transfer your Bitcoins to your personal LocalBitcoins wallet. LocalBitcoins will create a new personal and secure wallet for each new user. Get your wallet at LocalBitcoins.
  2. Choose the ATM you want to use to receive your cash.
  3. Choose the amount you are selling from the dropdown. Press Withdraw.
  4. You will receive a numeric code. Insert this code at the selected ATM and you will receive your cash. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CODE WORKS ONLY AT THE SELECTED ATM!

This ATM is operated by


Email: support@coiner.fi

Phone: +358505124987

Contact the operator regarding issues with the machine, coupon redeem or withdrawals.