Buy bitcoins using Cash deposit: ⚡ Zelle. ⚡ Online ⚡ Zelle. ⚡ Chase Quickpay with US Dollar (USD) user chaw999 wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


8,864.25 USD / BTC

Payment method:

Cash deposit: ⚡ Zelle. ⚡ Online ⚡ Zelle. ⚡ Chase Quickpay


(feedback score 88 %, see feedback)

Min. amount:
10 USD
Payment window:
4 hours 30 minutes

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Terms of trade with chaw999

Thank you Buyer for opening my Advert. Before starting. Kindly devote 2 minutes to read and understand the trade .
No offence. If you do not have 2 minutes, but then do not start the trade and find some other Seller please.


ID not necessary. low profile, discreet, anonymous, as crypto was meant to be.
i am online from 9A.M. to 5P.M. Pacific Time USA for sending you the bitcoins.

(1). WARNING: Do not open trade for more than $20.99. Then bitcoins cannot be sent.
The following limits are placed to help the buyer, from making costly mistakes. (Limits lifted to mutually agreed much higher amounts after the buyer builds TRUST with us.)
First trade Limit $20.99 or less. Limit increases by $5 for each additional trade.
Maximum 1 trade per day.
All trades must be for different amounts. example: $20.98, $20.97 etc.
All trades must include both Dollars and Cents.

(2).✅To START THE TRADE, please.
Type in the blue box how much you want to buy. Please check clause (1) above. Do not violate the limits.

(3). This Advert is for Buying bitcoins cheap online on AUTO.
Opening a new trade is risk free. You can cancel it at any time.

(4). To get your bitcoins quickly: Dont expect our reply. Messaging/chatting with us is not required. As all the instructions to complete your purchase smoothly are mentioned in this Trade.
Kindly print this Trade or write down the main requirements. And then 100% follow the instructions.

(5). If you get stuck, make a mistake/error.. Then cancel this trade and start all over again with a new trade. Or send us a message. We will guide you.

(6). in the message column, write and send.:
" My name is: xxxxx, My email is: xxxxx, My mobile number is: xxxxx, I live in City xxxxx in State xxxx."

(7). SEND your payment by Zelle. It is FREE to send money via zelle and all you need is an email address to send the money.

(a). Login to your Bank account or go to your Bank
Send : Payment to my email address : (will be provided to you.)
Location: Citi BANK, California.

(8).>> Please write this message in the Zelle payment memo:

" Under OATH. Payment is IRREVERSIBLE. Buying BTC in escrow for release to my BTC Wallet. Contract xxxxxxxx . BUYER. "

(For Contract number. Copy and Paste from top of this trade.)
✅ IMPORTANT> Do not forget to send this message, make any changes or add/delete anything.

(9). SEND me confirmation of your payment. Attach a legible photo or screen image of the payment sent.

(a). ✅IMPORTANT > We repeat. We must be able to read your above zelle bank memo message. Or bitcoins cannot be sent.

(b). Otherwise to get your bitcoins released, you need to do the extra paper work. Write a note to your bank. (Mention full detail of your payment. date, amount etc.) Saying: " the Bank should not honor your refund/ reversal request". Get it NOTARIZED. Give your request note to the bank and receive back copy with the bank sign, stamp, banker's contact information on it. Attach a legible scan of this bank signed note. To receive coins.

(10). Also Attach a legible scan of your recent Bank statement showing this zelle payment sent to prove this account belongs to you.

(11). ✅IMPORTANT >>
(a).The Buyer must abide by our TERMS OF TRADE, 100% as printed.
(b). Do not make any changes/ modifications or add/delete/omit/miss/forget anything. Otherwise bitcoins cannot be sent.

Our Bank sends a message every time a new payment is posted in our account.
On receiving this message your Bitcoins are immediately sent to your Localbitcoin wallet. NOT SOONER NOT LATER.

Plus we will give you positive feedback and expect the same from you.

Congratulations on your Bitcoin trade !

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