Buy bitcoins using Cash deposit: ⚡Westpac⚡CBA⚡STG⚡BoM⚡BSA⚡Pro-Trader Online now :-) with Australian Dollar (AUD) user Aussie2013 wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


14,086.75 AUD / BTC

Payment method:

Cash deposit: ⚡Westpac⚡CBA⚡STG⚡BoM⚡BSA⚡Pro-Trader Online now :-)


(feedback score 99 %, see feedback)

Trade limits:

3,500 - 8,452 AUD

Payment window:
4 hours 30 minutes

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Terms of trade with Aussie2013

This ad is for cash deposits only to my Westpac/CBA/St George/Bank of Melbourne/Bank of SA account. This can be done via branch (during business hours) or via smart ATMs (24/7).

Legal stuff (to ensure we don't get in trouble with 'big brother'):

1. By buying bitcoins from me you declare that they are purchased for legal purposes
2. You are buying the bitcoins for yourself and not for someone else
3. To comply with KYC/AML/CTF requirements, you will be asked to provide proof that you are you (must have Aussie driver licence or passport). This should take you a minute or two and your info will not be shared with any 3rd party unless required by law or in case of a dispute/fraud/other nasty situation. This is a once-off process with me so future trades will be even quicker :-)

Trade stuff (to make sure we both get what we want):

a. Once your ID is confirmed, you will be provided with my bank details. Ideally, you should then pay within 20 minutes.

IMPORTANT: Any longer than 30 minutes with no explanation or communication and you will be blocked from future trades (sorry, but got burned before, waited the entire payment window duration for no good reason :-S)

b. Once the deposit is complete please write on the receipt(s) "Paid to Aussie2013 on Localbitcoins, no refunds", upload the receipt(s) to the trade chat and only then click on 'I have paid'.

c. Once the receipt has been uploaded and funds are confirmed to be in the account, bitcoins will be released within 3 minutes! Easy breezy :-)


If using an ATM and it doesn't accept the entire amount, please do a few deposits of smaller amounts.

If the ATM/teller doesn't accept the entire ref number (which is auto generated by the system), please enter as many digits as possible (usually the first 7 digits should be fine).

CBA are super annoying as they have a $10K cash deposit daily limit so if other buyers already deposited to me today a total which is close to $10K, I may not be able to accept additional CBA deposits for the day. In such a case, I hope depositing to Westpac is not too much of an inconvenience for you.

A note to scammers and fraudsters:

ALL the negative feedbacks I received are from users refusing to comply with the terms of the trade (so why did they open a trade with me at the first place?!? Nobody knows). I suspect they were all scammers or fraudsters that didn't bother to read the terms so I'm issuing this note especially for other scammers and fraudsters that may want to trade with me:

I am not the greedy fool you must be looking for. If I smell something is off (including you pretending to be someone else), I may ask for more proof and may refuse to trade with you all together if you object to satisfy KYC requirements at any stage of the trade. Am proud to say that I already got a few scammers/fraudsters suspended (albeit at the cost of getting hit with negative feedbacks...) so if you know what's good for you, please don't open a trade with me and simply move along... Thank you! :-)

In conclusion:

Genuine buyers LOVE me. See the excellent feedbacks and praise I got! I aim to provide a quick, efficient and friendly service in hope that you will come again :-)

The entire process (starting the moment you initiate the trade and up until the bitcoins are released) shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. From my end I'll release the bitcoins within 3 minutes. If you are a genuine buyer and follow the terms of the trade, this trade will be quick and easy and we'll both walk away happy and full of joy :-)

Any queries, please let me know.

Have fun! :-)

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