Buy bitcoins using Bank: 一诺团队,支持支付宝Alipay,微信Wechat收款 with Chinese Yuan (CNY) user YinuoBTC-Frank wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


26,556.05 CNY / BTC

Payment method:

Bank: 一诺团队,支持支付宝Alipay,微信Wechat收款


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Trade limits:

200 - 265 CNY

Payment window:
1 hour 30 minutes

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Terms of trade with YinuoBTC-Frank

一诺麦饼, 中国最靠谱的btc交易团队。
- 交易时间:全天候24小时(7 * 24)
- 支持中国国内各大银行转账,支付宝,微信转账!支持港币,新币,马来西亚吉兰特,菲律宾比索(PHP),越南盾交易。
- 最快的交易速度!马上付钱!
- 团队每日交易量100-2000BTC。
- 为了保护两笔交易的安全性和合法性,超过100,000元的大额交易要求您通过实名认证和SMS认证。我可能需要通过whatsapp视频聊天来确认您身份的真实性。
- 在做上述准备工作之前,请不要与我交易
- 我们的资金完全安全合法,请放心

YinuoBTC-The most reliable BTC trader from china.
-- Trading hours: 24 hours a day (7*24)
-- - Support all chinese national banks to transfer money, Alipay, WeChat also do! Support Hong Kong dollars(HKD), Singapore dollars(SGR), Malaysian Ringgit(MYR), Philippine peso (PHP), Vietnamese Dong trading.
- The fastest trading speed! Pay money immediately!
-- Daily trading volume 100-2000BTC.
-- In order to protect the security and legality of both transactions, large transactions exceeding 100,000 RMB require you to pass real-name authentication and SMS authentication. I may need whatsapp video chat to confirm the authenticity of your identity.
-- Please do not trade with me before doing the above preparations
-- You can also place an order directly on our website (no registration required):
- Our funds are safe and legal, and don’t you worry about unnecessary losses.
Our team is the most professional OTC team in China. Our goal is to solve the real needs of our global trading partners, and we are fully committed to your needs.
Phone: +8618969924718
Wechat (WeChat): YiNuo-feng

Opening hours

  • Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
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Timezone: Asia/Shanghai