Buy bitcoins using Bank: ✅ BOFA ✅ CHASE ✅  ZELLE ✅ read terms first with US Dollar (USD) user Danielefc wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


7,006.02 USD / BTC

Payment method:

Bank: ✅ BOFA ✅ CHASE ✅  ZELLE ✅ read terms first


(feedback score 100 %, see feedback)

Min. amount:
1,500 USD
Payment window:
1 hour 30 minutes

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Terms of trade with Danielefc

Welcome !! ---- Scammers abstain! -----
Feel free to ask!
Transfer by BOFA or from other banks Via ZELLE
We are willing to make this exchange and many more! but our levels of security have increased a lot due to the different inconveniences that are produced by this means with the scammers. If you accept the validations, we will proceed with pleasure:
> I accept only transfers of accounts or the holder of the Localbitcoin account.
> If you are not the owner of the account and your name is not the same as the ID, you must apply other terms at the time of purchase!
> Buyers of first exchange with Us must send Pictures for validation. Follow instructions below!
> If you are a new user with less than 30 exchanges or less than 5 BTC accumulate them from management, we need another request:
1. PHOTO of THE OWNER'S selfie, of good quality, with its same identification and a paper note written by hand (or printed). I will provide you the text once you open an operation
2. PHOTO of the bank card Next to the Identification you are using, match (hide the long card number), showing the full name. The card must belong to the Bank, from where you plan to make a Zelle transfer.
3. Photo of the COMPLETE screen with the transfer and the identity document (both together in the same photo), you must see Cabezera of the portal and the date of the part below.
4. Concept of the transfer with the ad number more "THIS PAYMENT CAN NOT BE CANCELED OR INVESTED".
5. Send all the photos by email, as transaction support!
6. BTCs are released once this money is available.

PS: The images must be clear!
For those who have already worked with us, we only ask for the photo of the document next to the transfer on the screen!
All frauds (including transactions in dispute and chargebacks after obtaining your coins) will be reported here: (FBI).
Keep in mind:
- If your full name does not appear in the "sender" field of Zelle, I will open a dispute and reject your payment.
- If you lack any of the requirements or verification, I will cancel the exchange and leave you a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK
- I reserve the right to cancel the exchange, if I do not feel comfortable trading with you

Success and have a happy day!

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