Buy bitcoins using Bank transfer United States with US Dollar (USD) user re.silva wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


6,362.63 USD / BTC

Payment method:

Bank transfer United States


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Min. amount:
8,999 USD
Payment window:
1 hour 30 minutes

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Terms of trade with re.silva

Sell Bitcoins vía Domestic Wire Transfer. * TD BANK *

Warning , do not ask discounts, requests to decrease the rate will be ignored and unanswered, you must open an order in an amount that facilitates the identification, for reasons of agility of both parties including cents:
Example $9.991,11 $10.000,38 always broken numbers!

Please have your ID, pen and paper ready for extra verification in case that is needed.

This ad is for SAME-DAY WIRE TRANSFER only.

From your bank account at any US bank
Domestic wires only, my account is in USA as well.

With trusted traders I can accommodate trades for up to 300,000 USD (ask me to load coins).


1) Enter a trade for the desired amount. You will get wiring instructions and your bitcoins will go to escrow and stay there until I release them.

2) Wire the money using the "Same-Day Wire" type of transfer. Once I receive the wire I will release the bitcoins.

ATTENTION:: I only accept "Same Day Wire" and not any other type of transfer. Typically, your bank will charge you $25-$30 fee for sending the wire to me, and this is your cost to pay (unless your bank account has premium features and this fee is waived, which happens rarely). Most banks support other types of transfers, so when you see the choices you must pick "same day WIRE". If your transfer type doesn't say "wire" then it is NOT the right type, do not choose it. Call your bank's customer service for assistance if you are unsure how to send a wire.

If the money arrives to my account, but it wasn't a WIRE transfer (if it was an ACH transfer instead, or anything else), I will not accept it, and I will send that money back to you, less my expense of transferring the money back. By entering this trade, you agree to these conditions.

Same-day wires usually clears the day after on my account, and I will release the bitcoins to you as soon as the wire is cleared. If you want to ensure the same day service, try to send your wire before 4pm Eastern time. (Check your bank's cut-off time for processing wires the same day).

This ad requires the buyer to have a certain minimum trading experience with others (does not accept new traders).

===== Disclaimers =====
Buyer (you) understands that any cryptocurrencies obtained from the seller (imluisenrique) are not to be used for any illegal purpose nor criminal activities. Buyer hereby acknowledges that by initiating a trade, buyer has read and accepts all terms and conditions presented in this advertisement. Seller cannot be held accountable for the actions of buyer beyond the scope of this trade.

SCAMMERS and THIEVES: We do not support criminal activity or scams of ANY kind. We check authenticity of and verify every trader’s ID on the first trade. We comply with all local and national regulations. Fake ID’s or suspicious activity of any kind will cause trade to be closed, and criminal activity will be reported to the proper authorities.

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