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Buying Bitcoins

from user folksinger

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Payment method:
Moneybookers / Skrill
Seller's rate:
1179.91 USD/BTC
Trade limits:
10 - 10 USD

This trader is currently on vacation or is out of bitcoins. Please search for another trader.


Terms of trade with folksinger

So here's the truth about all of this shit, and these are my terms:
1) I'm not going to sell you more than I can afford to lose,
so the amounts will be small until we know each other
2) 1 out of 167 credit card transactions is fraudulent, that could be wrong, but that's what I've heard.
Any payment funded by credit/debit card can be charged back, through any payment method... but bitcoins are irreversible
that said, most people here are ripping somebody off, may not be you, but somewhere in the chain, they are
Don't believe me? Buy a giftcard here, and see if you don't lose your ebay account 2 months from now, after the stolen
credit card it was bought with charges it back to the company it was bought from. And don't expect this site to care, they don't.
3) I, am not ripping anybody off, at any level. I buy from sites like Coinbase, then resell them a littler higher, in areas of the world where
they are worth a little more. And before we get too far, I'd like to know what you're doing with them, mainly because if I don't understand
or respect your business, I won't be investing my time in you. I'm doing very well outside of these sites, I'm only here to make a few more
4) Bitcoins are not safe in escrow, calculate your risk, make some friends, and go slow
5) There are no safety nets, everyone's terms are bullshit, they're either meant to threaten you or look professional.
Or lead you away from the site, to further the scam.
6) I don't want to see your drivers license or your passport, I'm not going to pretend that there's somewhere you can be reported for fraud,
I don't care if you're verified by this site, it means nothing to be vouched for by other thieves.
7) I don't want to sell you $10 worth of btc, I want to build a few relationships. I want to move to skype where you can explain to me how we
can be beneficial to each other long term. I'm in the USA, don't care where you are. I doubt we can do much together if you're also in the USA.
So when you open the trade, be ready to talk
8) I will know if you're lying

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2-5 BTC
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