Buy bitcoins using Walmart Gift Card Code with US Dollar (USD) user Battlehardenedbtc wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


5,005.48 USD / BTC

Payment method:

Walmart Gift Card Code

Trade limits:

50 - 1,000 USD

Payment window:
1 hour 30 minutes

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When buying bitcoins online, the payment window is 90 minutes, but this may vary depending on the payment method and the terms of the trade.

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Terms of trade with Battlehardenedbtc

Open trade and type out card and pin number.

*Please note that I am no longer accepting $500 or $1K cards. If you send me a card with $500 or $1000 on it I WILL NOT use it and have the right to refuse and dispute the trade until it is settled by a moderator or canceled by you. Again, to be clear, PLEASE DO NOT SEND $500 or $1K CARDS. Thank You*

Verify your card numbers are valid before opening a trade! I will not pay for your card numbers that are already used or invalid.

Please be patient with trading.

This is not instant release, 6-24 hours release time (or less when possible), so please don't ask a million times. I will release prematurely if I can. Do not ask me to do this as it will only slow me down. If it will take longer than the 24 hour time period, I will notify you. Please be patient with trading. Thank you.

Looking for Walmart GC, as much as you can get. Do not send cards less than $25 in value. No $5, $10, $15, or $20 gift cards in the trade. I do not want VISA or Mastercards. Do not send them. The Walmart gift card will have a 16 digit card number with a 4 digit PIN. Make sure that when you send the card, you type the card number and PIN out. For example (please use this format):

1234123412341234 1234 $100

If you're down to trade, please be cool, patient and a decent human being. Seriously, thanks!

Se habla español tambien aquí, pero prefiero inglés. Walmart ya no nos permite convertir las tarjetas a las nuevas tarjetas así que el tiempo de liberación será generalmente el mismo día, pero puede tardar 6-24 horas .


If your cards have no history on them when I check them, I reserve the right to close the trade.

If you want to ask me a question, open a trade, then immediately close the trade so that you're not holding my coin in escrow.

Stolen card numbers or illegally obtained cards are not wanted here. By opening a trade you are telling me that you've read the terms and understand that you agree to abide by the terms. Thank you!

Lastly, if you send only in small increment cards (anything below $100 each card), it may take longer than 24 hours.