Buy bitcoins using Cash deposit: ✅CBA Cash/ATM⚡Quick⭐Pro Trader with Australian Dollar (AUD) user mickp2 wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


5,578.39 AUD / BTC

Payment method:

Cash deposit: ✅CBA Cash/ATM⚡Quick⭐Pro Trader


(feedback score 100 %, see feedback)

Trade limits:

400 - 9,995 AUD

Payment window:
4 hours 30 minutes

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Read the the terms of the trade and make sure you can comply with them. Use this form to send in a trade request with the sum you wish to trade. After opening the trade request it is possible to discuss with the trader in messaging system.

Open trade requests and message inbox can be found under Dashboard under your user profile page. You can send and receive messages with the trader there.

For more information see quick buy guide.

After sending the trade request you get the payment details.

Trader may not publish the payment details directly and asks you to contact to get the exact account name needed for the payment. In this case, send a message to the the trader and ask for the further details.

When buying bitcoins online, the payment window is 90 minutes, but this may vary depending on the payment method and the terms of the trade.

If you need help on how to make the payment use messaging to discuss with the trader how to make the payment.

You can cancel the trade before making the payment. You find open trades under Dashboard in your user profile.

Terms of trade with mickp2

I no longer accept brand-new accounts. Your account must be over a month old and have at least 5 previous trades.

Anybody doing fake or third-party trades should make sure they fully understand the terms.
A note to new scammers: scammers will lose their cash and coin, the old scammers have figured that out.

1. Place a trade.
No third-party trades.
Also please don't place a trade if it's going to take you a long time to do the deposit, please wait until you're closer to the bank.

2. I'll send you my bank details.

3. ⭐Make the cash payment to a cash/smart ATM or over the counter (never mention bitcoin for any reason, even if they ask).
It MUST be this account holder (your account Id) who does the deposit and nobody else.

4. ⭐Write on the receipt in the MIDDLE (not the top, bottom or any of the sides) "Payment for purchase, no refund, no goods". Write some or all of it over the printed text but don't obscure the date, time or amount. Only use a pen (not texta or anything else).

5. ⭐Upload a clear receipt (not fuzzy, blurred, small or dark) showing all edges with any textured background, black or white backgrounds are not accepted.

Don't throw away your receipt until after your coin has been released.

If there's any suspicious activity (such as taking an hour or more to upload the receipt from when the banking details were provided) I reserve the right to ask for ID.

6. ⭐I'll check that the receipt looks good (per the above two points) and release.

⚡ From what I know I have the fastest release and response times around, so I'll get to you quickly and release quickly.

✅ There should be no surprises when you trade with me as I'll always refer back to the terms.

Happy trading :)


Other notes and terms:

No transfers or online payments for this ad. Doing a transfer will lose you your cash and coin.

Receipts are as good as cash until the time of release, treat them valuably.

I only accept photo's of original receipts and it needs to be clear enough for me to determine that.

✅ Every genuine trader eventually gets it right fairly quickly so it's not that difficult, a good receipt means a faster trade.

⚡ I try to be as efficient as possible in providing great service.

✅ As a pro trader you can trust I'll do the right thing by you.

If the trade is genuine it's easy, but to protect myself from some of the schemes out there:

-- bad looking receipt

No receipt or obviously suspicious activity means long delays in releasing (up to a week, I have nothing to gain by doing this but it gives time for any third parties who may have been effected to come forward if it's not a genuine trade).

If the receipt doesn't look right I also reserve the right to ask you to upload the receipt (either here and/or to a URL I provide) with changes to it I request within a reasonable time-frame (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) to prove it's not a fake (no excuses for extending the time frame, so I'll ask if you're ready before doing so, if you don't meet the timeframe we start again with new instructions). ANY fake image (Photo-shopped, copied, digitally altered images or printed out from anything other than the bank or not an original) qualifies as fraud and the coin won't be released and I'll keep the cash and coin because I don't know what might happen next (someone else might have placed the trade and not you and I can't confirm it's really you), so don't try to test a fake image before sending the real one. If the image doesn't pass my testing I may ask you to post and/or email it to me to check before release. I only do those things if responses take a long time and/or any image doesn't comply or behavior is out of ordinary trading patterns.

-- If Id is asked for (which isn't often)

No Id is ever used for any other purpose than for trading here.

I may also ask for verification (I only ask for ID verification once and your confidentiality is assured, plus I'll mark it as verified for your account. I'll also ask for a closeup of the ID and a clear picture of you in a particular pose or holding something I ask along with the ID done within a reasonable time-frame as well). The ID must match the real name on Localbitcoins and be verified by them. This is not a shop, so don't expect to be treated like a customer if you don't follow the simple instructions, the seller takes most of the risk in localbitcoin trading, not the buyer.

Any bad feedback you see is people who were just pissed off that I meant what I said and did weird stuff that made me had to ask (like doing super slow transactions and responses, dodgy looking images, then refusing to follow instructions correctly or quickly for verification of Id when asked, which only stresses everyone out including me).

-- focus on genuine trades

I'm more interested in genuine trades than I am in profit, so my focus is on safety.

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