Buy bitcoins using SEPA (EU) bank transfer with Euro (EUR) user bitcoin-mjenjacnica wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


15,372.50 EUR / BTC

Payment method:

SEPA (EU) bank transfer

Max. amount:
27,550.30 EUR
Payment window:
120 minutes

This trader is currently on vacation or is out of bitcoins. Please search for another trader.

Terms of trade with bitcoin-mjenjacnica

The procedure is simple:

1. Enter the amount you wish to buy and start the trade

2. Do the bank transfer using the displayed payment details

3. Send a proof of payment image

4. Click "I have paid"


- It can take up to 2 working (business) days for your payment to arrive, but it usually takes 1 working day or less. When we receive the payment your bitcoin will appear in your LocalBitcoins account wallet

- Depending on the amount of the trade and your LocalBitcoins history we may ask for an ID document (passport, ID card, or driver’s license). Please refer to this LocalBitcoins FAQ entry:

- If your LocalBitcoins verified real name doesn't match your bank account name we will have to verify an ID document of the bank account owner

- If you're paying from a company bank account we will need additional documentation


If you intend to refund, reverse, recall, or chargeback the bank transfer after receiving your bitcoin; it will not work - we will deny it and send your information to relevant government authorities, involved banks, and the police to be investigated for attempted fraud (ID, real name, bank account, IP addresses, mobile number, email, ...) [16/16 attempts failed, don't be #17]


Feel free to contact us for more information, larger orders, etc.

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