Buy bitcoins with cash in US Dollar (USD) user j1george wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


3,558.05 USD / BTC


Floating price. The final Bitcoin amount will be determined at the time of the trade finalization.


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300 - 3,000 USD

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Terms of trade with j1george

Meeting preferences: Retail Business location in Monterey Park, California

We should be in contact before or soon after you make your BTC buy request in order to arrange our meeting logistics - hopefully within a few hours of your buy request.

My Local Bitcoin price is intended to be competitive and fair and is largely pegged by Local Bitcoin's algorithm of a few percentages of the Bitcoinaverage BTC price. If BTC prices are highly volatile at the time of our intended transaction (for example, moving more than 1% in a 30 minute period or more than 1.5% in a 2 hour period), then I may elect NOT to perform any trading until such volatility diminishes.

If during our intended transaction time, the Local Bitcoins price fails to automatically adjust by more than .25% to the current market price, I may request that we wait to perform our transaction until the Local Bitcoins price automatically adjusts to the algorithmically correct current market price. Alternatively, I may require the buy request to be resubmitted, if it appears that the LocalBitcoin's algorithm is not adequately moving with the BTC price changes in the market.

For ease of transacting, I prefer that you make your bid in dollars in $20, $50 or $100 increments, but if necessary I may be willing to take exact change of other increments.

I will NOT sell bitcoins to anyone who informs me or in any manner suggests to me that s/he intends to use such purchased bitcoins for any illegal or arguably illegal purpose(s). I will exercise complete discretion whether I want to carry out any transaction, if the circumstances don't appear honest and upright. Also, on any first transaction, I frequently will limit the transaction to less than $3,000 or possibly to less than $2,000 or to some other amount, if for whatever reason in my complete discretion, the circumstances do not seem comfortable or perhaps if my cashflow is off balance due to my other trading activities.

Generally, I can be available on most days (Mondays through Saturdays) from 11am to 6pm, and I may be available from time to time outside of those days/hours.

Likely, the fastest way for you to confirm my availability to meet before you make a BTC buy request, text me at 310-251-7032

For any first transactions, I largely attempt to conform to all terms of this above described ad within fairness and straight-forwardness. If you want to negotiate terms outside of this ad for any first transaction, you may want to search out for some other advertisement that is more fitting to your preferences, rather than me.

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