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Buying Bitcoins

How much do you want to buy?

Payment method:
Cash deposit: WF FCU USBank Citi BotW
Seller's rate:
1082.62 USD/BTC
Trade limits:
290 - 990 USD

This trader is currently on vacation or is out of bitcoins. Please search for another trader.


Terms of trade with opticbit

normally 6%

READ STEP 1 Before you start.

!!!!!!!!!!! READ ME !!!!!!!!!!!!
1) Request a random amount.
DO NOT Make a Request In $10.00 increments
I need different amounts to be able to Identify your deposit vs someone else.
!!!!!!!!! READ ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Tell me what bank. And ETA to bank/Receipt upload
Do NOT Waste your First Message. These a chance I am mobile and move on to other trades till your payment is finished.

3) Fill out Deposit slip with account info given after the trade is opened.

3.5) New users: If you have any questions about filling out a deposit slip
Take a picture of Deposit Slip and send it.

4) Goto Teller and make deposit.
Get a Business card from the Teller (or any one that works there)

5) For Quicker Release
Message me when you have made the deposit.
Before you start uploading.

6) Write on the receipt
"for bitcoins on
between OpticBit and (your username)"
Do NOT use a fat marker to cover any print.

7) Tear (Do NOT Cut) receipt in half HORIZONTALLY (Top n Bottom half) and Send a picture, with branch business card. Show entire receipt with a gap no overlapping.

DO NOT mark as paid, until you upload the receipt.

Failure to follow instructions may result in delay of coin release.
Minor mistakes are ok.

My account has a note on it for cash only. If anyone tries a non cash deposit. They will call me, and authorities. Some tellers read the alert incorrectly.. They might need a teller assist to have a supervisor OK the tx. The business tellers usually can do it by themselves.

IP and Phone Country Must say USA.

Wells and US usually don't ask for id
Credit Unions might ask.
BotW might ask
Citi Will ask. and might ask for SSN

If this is your first trade with me read all terms below too.
Any questions open a small trade using first time special ad below.

~::Generic info Posted on All my ads::~
@@ Read Me if WE have NOT traded yet @@

Mostly available 9am-9pm pacific
If I'm gray,
Try a small trade to get my attention.

This trade is for the advertised payment method only.

No Haggling on the price.
No Haggling on the limit.
Do NOT use a 2nd Trade for higher limits.
Short Escrow if there's a setting.

You may request a Cancel Before I say
I'm going to the store/bank
I try to respond and trade quickly, please do the same.

You are NOT currently Located in
New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina
Contact your Representatives
NYNY Casino is Ok though ;)

Click my profile for other offers.
And Release Times
If I can do it online, it will be at the lower end of release times.

Under 25 trades or Under 100%
or Newer than 3 Months
stay under $300 for our first trade.

Buy and Sell with these methods.

These are are close by for quick trades
Cash in Las Vegas
Bank Cash Deposit WF BoA Chase USBank

A little further away
Walmart, Costco, CitiBank,
Shared Branch Credit Union,
Vegas Casino Chips, Gold, Silver.

Higher Risk
I'm more likely to send than accept.
Chase QP, Amex Serve2Serve,
Google Wallet, Square Cash

Gift cards,
I only Buy with cash at a store.
I rarely accept them. Do NOT Ask
Paypal My Cash, Reloadit
V/MC Gift Card, Amazon, Walmart, Apple Store, Starbucks, Steam, Target,
These giftcards are available

Some services may be disabled.
If my ad is not on, its probably not available
If my ad is on, it should available.

bitcoinaverageusd_bid used when I buy
bitcoinaverageusd_ask used when i sell
% at top is the typical amount used.

Do NOT Request A Loan On here
Instead use BTCPop, LoanBase, or BitBond
If we have previous trades I will vouch for you.
Get set up sooner, so its available if you need it.
Also helpful if you want to trade paypal with me
or other Higher risk trades.
On the other side
If you have extra money
you can sign up to earn interest
by lending to others.

Money you send was obtained legally,
Money you receive will be used legally.

No third party for the trade

Follow instructions, If you don't, sometimes its obvious,
I'll cancel, Ignore you or ask you to cancel the trade.

Common errrors

Show the math if terms ask for it.
I'm usually mobile,
it slows things down if you don't.

USE unique deposit amounts for my bank!

Local Bitcoins is good for escrow,
And Finding Traders
Consider Moving your BTC
to a wallet you have the keys for.

Keep in mind exchange rate differences,
keep a little extra btc available.

1 trade per day per payment method*
*When my account is involved
$2900 per person per day limit.

In Las Vegas mostly.
Sometimes I travel to
Huntington Beach, CA,
or Portland, ME (Holidays)

ICQ: 208 944 42
Twitter/other: @OpticBit

gpg available when i am at home

See my new trader special ad for most up to date terms

UPDATED 6/6/16
Opening hours
  • Sun: 10:45 - 14:45
  • Mon: 05:45 - 17:45
  • Tue: 05:45 - 17:45
  • Wed: 05:45 - 17:45
  • Thu: 05:45 - 17:45
  • Fri: 05:45 - 16:45
  • Sat: 08:30 - 13:45
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
Profile link
Pro trader
Last seen
4 days ago
Trade volume
500+ BTC
Confirmed trades
Feedback score
Verified 2 years, 1 month ago
Escrow release times
Median: 2 min; Average: 13 min

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