Sell bitcoins using Reloadit with US Dollar (USD) user opticbit wishes to buy bitcoins from you.


8,471.10 USD / BTC

Payment method:



(feedback score 100 %, see feedback)

Trade limits:

200 - 500 USD

Payment window:

1 hour 30 minutes

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Read the the terms of the trade and make sure you can comply with them. Use this form to send in a trade request with the sum you wish to trade. After opening the trade request it is possible to discuss with the trader in messaging system.

Open trade requests and message inbox can be found under Dashboard under your user profile page. You can send and receive messages with the trader there.

For more information see quick buy guide.

You can cancel the trade before making the payment. You find open trades under Dashboard in your user profile.

Terms of trade with opticbit

Normally 9%

upto $2500/day 1 trade per card.

Use round numbers.. No change. If you have to, No Pennies!

i will head to the store and get the reload card, then scratch and give you the code.

This will be a new purchase.

!!!@@@ new Reloadits have a delay (15-30min) to go into the safe, then a delay (4hrs) to go onto the card. It is preferred you release when it goes into the safe.@@@!!!

!!!@@@ Reloadit will usually say Technical difficulties until 4hrs after the card was bought.@@@!!!

Photo of card and receipt on request, will be sent after escrow release.

Add your Visa/MC Prepaid Debit Card to the Reloadit safe. It will take 2-4hrs for them to verify your card, Do not Start a Trade till your card is ready.

Cards will be bought with cash

If we have agreed to a trade, You are responsible for the refill card and getting a refund from Reloadit if you cant add it to your card. Please wait 4hrs before telling me there's a problem. Shipping is available- the card is yours. you may request a cancellation anytime before i say I'm headed to the store.

Multiple cards may be requested upto $2500/day. open a new trade for each.
each additional card will be purchased after escrow for the prior card is released.

I shred the cards and receipts after 7 days.

~::Generic info Posted on All my ads::~
@@ Read Me if WE have NOT traded yet @@

Click my profile for other offers.
And Release Times

Mostly available 7am-11pm pacific
If I'm gray, message me, I'll Be Right back.
try a small trade or email for questions.
Phone txt before call.

Use Advertised Payment Option ONLY.

You are NOT currently Located in
New York State
Contact your Representatives

Money you send was obtained legally,
Money you receive will be used legally.

NO third party for the trade.

Price Non-Negotiable
Limit Non-Negotiable

$2900 per person per day limit.
Do NOT use a 2nd Trade for higher limits.*
*1 gift card per trade, upto 5x$500
1 Trade per day per to/from my fiat account

Do not request to cancel after I say I'm On my way

New users
Use the lower limit of the ad
for our first trade.

Sometimes its obvious you haven't read instructions
I'll cancel, Ignore you or ask you to cancel the trade.

Methods available:
(LBC Limits active ads,
Might be able to turn one off
to turn something else on)

Near by for quick trades

Buy/Sell: Cash in Las Vegas, AltCoins,

I Buy BTC but do not sell btc with:

Cash Deposit
WF BoA Chase USBank

A little further away
Walmart, Costco, CitiBank,
Shared Branch Credit Union, Other Banks in Las Vegas

Gift cards,
I only Buy with cash at a store.
I rarely accept them. Do NOT Ask
Shredded 7days after release.

Reloadit, One Vanilla, MoneyPack
Amazon, Walmart, Apple Store,
Starbucks, Steam, Target,

These gift cards are available
NO iTunes

Price Formula Multiplier Posted at top
It is the number I plug into
My Make Me Sell Formula
My Buy Formula

Keep in mind exchange rate differences,
keep a little extra btc available.

Local Bitcoins is good for escrow,
And Finding Traders
LBC is Not a Wallet.
Use a wallet for long term.

In Las Vegas mostly.
Sometimes I travel to
California, AZ, UT.
or Portland, ME (Holidays)

Verification of
ID, Address, Selfie With Note
or Social Media Reputation
Might be requested.
(more likely if
instructions are not followed,
or higher risk trades)

Do NOT Request A Loan On LBC
Instead use One of these

Verified Social Media/Reputation:
Phone: See Profile For Monthly Update.
Txt before Calling. I'm often busy and can't answer.

Do NOT Trade Outside Escrow
Impersonators Have used Phone and Skype
VERIFY a LINK in both directions for any contact.
I Do NOT need a Loan.

See my new trader special ad
most up to date terms


Opening hours

  • Sun: 10:00 - 13:00
  • Mon: 07:45 - 20:45
  • Tue: 07:45 - 20:45
  • Wed: 07:45 - 20:45
  • Thu: 07:45 - 20:45
  • Fri: 07:45 - 20:45
  • Sat: 10:00 - 15:00
Timezone: US/Pacific

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